We are crazy about Lashes here at Blume!

When we opened a year ago we had no idea how popular our Lash Extension Services were going to be, but they are truly our number one service here at Blume. I get asked many questions, so let me answer a few right here...

Q. "Are Lash Extensions high maintenance?"

A. Actually, NO. Once you get you're initial application you come to see me every 2-3 weeks for an infill, similar to maintaining your nails if you have them. I always tell my clients to keep them clean, be gentle with them and DO NOT WEAR MASCARA. If you do these three things you'll have lush lashes for weeks! Most of my clients love their lashes because the wake up and feel like they can be on the go with just a swipe of lip gloss.

Q. "Are lash extensions expensive?"

A. We have different lash options to fit everyone's budget. The initial application starts at $150 and fills start at $40.

Q. "My friend got lash extensions and they ruined her lashes. Will these ruin mine?"

A. When lashes are put on by a trained, experienced lash artist they will not ruin your lashes. In the state of California you cannot just attend a weekend course and go to town lashing. California requires lash artists to hold either a Cosmetology or Esthetician's license. If your lash artist isn't licensed, DO NOT LET THEM LASH YOU. Make sure to look at before and after photos and do your research about the person you are getting lashes from.

Q. "If I am getting fills, does this mean the lash extensions are making my lashes fall out?"

A. Not many people know, but you shed 3-5 lashes from each eye every day. On average I put 80-100 lashes on each eye when I do my initial application. So...after a week, you will probably be missing about 20...the second week 40 and so on...I am sure you can see why fills are so important and necessary to keep your lashes full and maintained.

The holidays are coming, book your appointment for lashes today!